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July 26, 2012
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Mathias was sitting comfortably on the sofa with his two best friends, Gilbert and Alfred. They were playing a new video game
that had reasently been released, called ________*. Alfred was winning when the trio heard a knock at the door. Mathias
knew no one else in the house was going to answer it so he did.
When he opened the door, it revealed a shivering cold you, dressed warmly in skinny jeans, fluffy boots, a large hoodie
and a scarf with matching gloves. You smiled at him.
"Hi Mathy! Is Berwald home?" You asked, stuffing your hands in your pockets.
"Uh, yeah. He is upstairs. Come in I'll get you drink.." Mathias led you inside and into the living room, where Gilbert and
Alfred were playfully kicking each other, waiting for their Danish friend to return.

Gilbert was first to notice you. He stood up and came running over, ungulfing you in a tight hug.
"HEY _______!" He shouted, squeezing you tightly. Alfred laughed and joined you both, squeezing you either tighter
due to his crazy strength.
Mathias entered the living room with a mug of hot chocolate, staring strangley at his best friends suffourcating you.
When they finally let go, Mathias handed you the drink.
"Thanks Mathias" You sipped it a little as it was still piping hot.
"That's okay! Berwald is upstairs, I'll go get him" He grinned, winking and pushing you lightly onto the couch. You blushed,earning smirks from all three of the Awesome Trio.

Mathias ran out the room and up the stairs. He was shouting for Berwald to come out his room and that you were here.
Then you heard shouts from Lukas, and the sound of strangling.
After that strange episode, all the Nordics walked downstairs, Mathias leading them.
"Hi Berwald" He smiled, shyly when he sat next to you.
"Hej, _______" He stared out into space, not glancing at you once. You frowned.

"How are you, _______?" You heard Tino asked from the other couch, resting his elbows on his knees, and his chin in his
"Hienosti[1]" You smiled at him, answering in Finnish just to annoying the others. You were good at speaking other languages
as most of your friends were from Foriegn countries.
"Onko perheesi kunnossa[2]?" He asked another question, this time in his own language. Mathias frowned.
"Hey you guys! Talk in English so we can all understand" He shouted, glaring at the two of you.
"Your English is rubbish, and I can understand them" Berwald said bluntly, crossing his arms and leaning back in the sofa.
Mathias got defensive as usual.
"My English is not bad!" He shouted. You rolled your eyes.
"Yeah it is. And to answer you question, Tino, yes they are".

It was getting late, and even though you loved the Nordic five you didn't like staying at their house at night, due to the weird
things they got up to (///shot/).
"Guys, it's getting late. I think I'll be heading home now, okay?" You informed, standing up from the chair you were sitting
"No, stay the night" Berwald demaned, staring at you with his intense blue eyes.
"I...I..don't really think I should" You tried insisting, shaking your hands, but his eyes never left you, staring deep into your
"You can stay in my room if you don't trust the others" He offered, standing from his chair too.
"Uhh, okay" You were uneasy about this, but he didn't seem to notice as he guided you out the room and up to his room,
leaving the other four along with Al and Gilbert wondering what you'd be getting up to. (NO LEMON OR SEX I SWEAR!)

You were sitting on the edge of Berwald's bed in one of his extremely large t-shirts, while he stripped out of his clothes and
into his pyjamas in the bathroom. When he returned, he sat next to you.
"Are you okay?" He asked, looking at the floor. You nodded.
"Do you wanna no why I let you stay here?" He asked, looking at you while he talked, which was unusual.
"Um, okay?"

"......I asked you here because I like you.." He said, blunt as usual. You blushed, gaping at him.
"You say it so casually!" You cried, your eyes widening, hands clenching the bed sheets.
" I just thought you should no..." Berwald layed down on the bed onto his back, still looking at you.
He didn't say anything else, so you took it as a good oppertunity to crawl over to him and kiss his cheek, lovingly.
He blushed, still emotionless but obviously embaressed.
"I like you too" You smiled at him, laying down and resting your head on his chest, cuddling into him.
You looked up and swore you saw a small smile on his lips. He kissed your head, pulling you tighter and closer to him.
"Night ______.." He whispered, gently drifting off.
"Night..", you muttered back, cuddling with him all night long.

* Insert new video game name XD. I usually play older video games, so I'll let you guys decide.
1: Apparently Finnish for 'Just fine'. Don't no if it's right cause it's from google translate, and that asshole is an unreliable
2: 'You family all okay?' in Finnish. Hopefully it's right.
(Thanks ToxicChocolate for pointing out that I forgot to put them in XD)
For :iconsailorsun1998: 's SwedenxReader Contest
(Sweden is really hard to write for...)
Enter the contest!: [link]

I apologise for starting this story with Denmark, yes, I know he is so annoying XD (jokes....but seriously).

I know I didn't use Su-san's weird way of speaking, but I have no idea how to write with it, so just imagine, da?
Also, yes it is short. I wrote it all in one day again, though, so that's good!

Enjoy <3

(Preview pic ain't mine! Got to upload one this time cause I wrote and uploaded this on mein laptop instead of mein iPad)
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