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July 24, 2012
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Canada x Reader

The cheers and claps from the audience and your team mates overtook your ears as you rushed from the rink, though the corridors and into the changing rooms. Your friends were patting you on the back and laughing, congratulating you for your winning shot.
You had just won for your school female hockey team, who were ecstatic. Your school team had never won before!

Your close friend, Gilbert, walked up to you, grinning.
"Great shot, _______! I'm proud of you!" He exclaimed, throwing his muscular arm around your shoulders. You grinned back at him.
"Thanks, dude".

"Gilbert! Get out, this is the girls changing rooms!" Your Belarusian friend, Natalia shouted.
Gilbert laughed his typical 'Kesesese', before winking at her and strutting out, causing her to blush.
You laughed along with him and turned around to your clothes hanging on the coat peg. You were about to start changing when you heard a call from outside.

"_______, dudette! Get out here!" You recognised the voice as Alfred, the annoying American who was captain of the football team. You found him rather irritating, but put up with him because he was the best at sport and got you the best seats to all his games.

You smiled to yourself while walking to the door, hoping his shy, younger brother was with him.

Luckily, your dreams came true. You immediately saw him when stepping outside, closing the door behind you to avoid any unwanted perverts (*hint* Bad Touch Trio *hint*) peaking inside. He was standing with his hands behind his back, smiling at the ground. His shiny golden hair covered most of his shy face, his violet eyes glimmering brightly.

"Hey guys!" You greeted, waving at them.
"______! You were amazing out there!" Alfred shouted, engulfing you into a bone crushing hug.
"Al, I think your squashing her" Matthew whispered, loud enough for his brother to hear. Alfred laughed, letting go of you and turning to Matt.
"Whatever you say dude. I'll leave you two to chat, yeah?" Alfred winked at Matthew, who blushed, before walking away.

"Great game, ________" Matthew complimented, smiling up at you sweetly. You smiled back.

"Thanks, Mattie. That's a lot, coming from you! Your, like, the best hockey player I know!"

"Thanks, ___(nickname)___!"

You smiled at him, just before he said,
"Do you...Uhh...wanna hang out later? Maybe we could go out to eat or something?" Matthew looked away, fiddling with his hands nervously from fear of reflection.
You smiled warmly and nodded, your tied back __(h/c)__ bouncing back and forth.

Matthew's heart skipped a beat as you said yes. He was finally going on a date with his lifelong crush!

"Mattie, I gotta go have a shower. I'll see you afterwards, okay?".
Matthew nodded.

You waved and ran off into the changing rooms, grabbed your towels and soaps out your locker, bundled all your clothes together in your arms and ran out the changing rooms and down into the girls showers. You were relieved to find it empty.

You stripped off your clothes and hung them up in the small room attached to the larger shower room. You picked up your favourite strawberry shower gel (choose another if you don't like strawberry), ran over to a random shower and twisted the handle, turning it on. You untied your ponytail and slung the hair band on the floor, telling yourself you'd pick it up later. The hot water was like heaven on your silky body. You took one of the freshly cleaned flannels from the shower hook, squirted the gel onto it and rubbed it over your body. You were about to wash it off when your heard the shower door open.

You jumped from the noise and turned around, to see a bright red Canadian standing near the now closed door. You stood staring at each other for a while before remembering you were wet, naked and covered in soap.

Matthew didn't say a word, just walked past you over to the small attached room. From here you could see him lift his hoodie off from his head, along with his maple leaf shirt, and place them onto an empty hook. He kicked off his red converse and nudged them both under the wooden bench. Then his hands reached down and undone his trousers, pulling down the zipper and slipped off his skinny blue jeans, then his boxers came afterwards. He stepped outside the room, walked over to you and stopped right in front of you while you stood, gaping at him in awe.

Suddenly, Matthew unexpectedly grabbed you by the shoulders and kissed you hard on the lips. Your soft, fluffy lips moved in sync with his silky, heaven-like ones, as you tasted maple syrup and pancakes. He smelled of pine trees and fresh snow, one of the most amazing mix you'd ever come across.

Matthew snaked his hands around your __(body size)__ waist, growing hotter and hotter with every second of his lips on yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck, tangling one hands into his fluffy hair. His erection pressed against your stomach as you both moved closer together.

Matthew finally pulled away from risk of you both  suffocating, blushing bright red.

"Sorry, _______. What I'm doing is really inappropriate, but I just couldn't control myself. You looked so hot out there playing hockey in your uniform" Matthew explained, running his hands up and down your sides, making you shiver.

You giggled, kissing him on the cheek.
"Well, no stopping now".

"I love you.." Matt whispered, looking down at the slippery floor.
You took his chin in your hand, and lifted his delicate face up.
"I love you too".

This must have triggered something in the Canadian, because he took it as an opportunity to push you up against the shower wall, kissing your neck and collar, messaging your soft breasts. You moaned, drawing invisible circles on Matthew's back, which were tickling him. Matthew moved his mouth down from your collar bone, and onto one of your perky, soft nipples, sucking on one at a time.

You arched your back, accidentally grabbing Matt's hair, tugging on his curl.
"Uhh....__-________" He stuttered, moaning loudly. You figured this curl was obviously his weakness, and tugged it again.
He moaned again, this time grinding his hips into yours, making you both moan out in pleasure.

Matthew stood up straight, lifted your legs around his waist and pushed you up tight against the wall. He placed one hand under your leg and the other one side of your head.
"_______, I love you so much...." He grunted, his face as red as his home countries flag.
"I love you too..." You trailed off, getting lost in his beautiful eyes.
"Do you want to continue? I don't mind if you don't" Matthew insisted, not wanting to screw anything up. You hated it when he let his lack of self confidence get in the way of things.
You nodded, kissing him lightly on the cheek and closing your eyes tight, waiting for the pain to come.
You were a virgin and had been told by your non virgin friends that it hurt on the first time. You were just grateful your first time had been with your lifelong true love.
Matthew slowly entered into you, trying to be as gentle as possible. You winced at the sudden pain, digging your claw like nails into his hot back.
He stayed as still as possible, waiting for your signal to move.
"Mattie...go on.." You breathed.
He obliged.
He went slow at first, still not completely convinced you were ready for this. He grunted and moaned into your neck, sending shivers one excitement through your spine.
You were quietly screaming in pleasure.

"Uggh...Mattie...M-Matt..." You cried out, resting your head on his shoulder. You both loved the feeling of your bodies being pressed against each other and Mattie moved in and out of you.

"_______...I'm gonna....UHH!" Matthew called out, huskily.
"Me...too....UGH..MATTIE!" You both screamed out as you came, Matthew's seed washing away in the warm water. You whimpered as he pulled slowly out of you, feeling empty without him inside you.

"Congratulations on winning the game today, _______" Matt muttered, going back to his shy self, fumbling with his hands.

"Thanks" You sighed back, still out of breath.
You both decided to stay in the showers and wash all the sweat off your bodies, destroying all evidence of the event that had just taken place.

After the showers, you both got dressed and exited the showers together.
"We should do that again sometime..." Mattie smirking. You blushed, nodding your head back and forth and making your way home, with your new Canadian boyfriend by your side.

This really was the best game ever!         
Entry for :iconittybittykitty101: 's Shower Lemon Contest XD
Oh god I can't believe I just wrote this!

I probably won't win, but I'm honestly proud of this. Not just the story, but of the fact I wrote it all together in one night instead of other a few days.

But..yeah....first lemon. Defiantly not the last XD

(Preview pic aint mine!)
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