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September 2, 2012
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_______ listened insightfully to Roderich Edelstein's beautiful music, sitting on the floor against the wall of his restricted room, that no one but him was allowed to go in. Roderich had invited you over for dinner, being a close friend of his, so you showed up early. You did this a lot as you knew Roderich would be playing the piano before you came, like he always did.
Listening to his gorgeous playing is enough to make you leak tears of happiness. He inspired you so much, you could barely contain it. You wanted to barge in there and listen to him all day, every day.   
Then you heard an abrupt stop. You turned your head towards the door in confusion.
Standing up, you slowly crept over to the giant doors in Roderich's beautiful manor. He was quite rich, and
lived a life of luxury with his large, German speaking family.
You straightened out your already flawless clothes and knocked gently on the doors.
"Yes?" You faintly heard from inside.
You smiled, "It's me, Roderich. _________".
You heard some shuffling, and the sound of his dress shoes coming closer and closer to the door.
When it opened, there stood your Austrian friend, looking perfect as always. He was dressed in his usual long, purple coat, along with the rest of his normal formal attire. His glasses were perched comfortably on his pointed nose, not showing a speck of dirt. You were pathetic compared to him.
"Ahh, ________. Perfect on time, as always" Roderich greeted, stepping out of the room and closing the door behind him, blocking the view to avoid you seeing inside.
"I wouldn't want to miss a second of dinner with you and your family" You complimented. Roderich chuckled, shaking his head.
"Unfortunately, Gilbert will be joining us tonight. So be prepared, ________. No doubt he'll be embarrassing every one of us tonight" The Austrian warned. You giggled, following your friend down the halls and to the dining room.

Once everyone was seated, the food was served. Of course, German food it was. You were sat in between Roderich and Lili, a young girl from Liechtenstein. She was honestly one of the sweetest people you'd ever met.
"________, how do you like the food?" She asked, smiling up at you. You couldn't help but smile back. Cute smiles like her's were contagious.
"It's amazing, Lili. As always"
"Danke! I helped make it!" Lili cried, adorably. You chuckled, taking a sip of your drink.
While putting down the glass, you looked around at the other family members here.
Opposite you was Ludwig, the full German, born in Berlin. His stunning blue eyes and slicked back blonde hair was enough to make the ladies swoon, not that he noticed.
Next to him was Elizabeta. She was actually Hungarian, but, like yourself, she was very close to the family. You also knew about her feelings for Roderich, but you still liked her. You didn't have a reason not to, she's lovely.
The other side of Ludwig was Nadine, Ludwig and Gilbert's little sister, who is also full German and was born in Berlin. She looked more like Ludwig than Gilbert, but had his smile. She was beautiful, stunning, even though she was only around 14.
And next to her was Gilbert. The idiot of the family. Basch (the cheap Swiss man who was seated next to his little sister, Lili), found him extremely annoying, as did most of the family. He was usually the one to cause awkward situations when they had guests.
And like he could read your mind...
"So, ________. You and Roddy dating yet?" Gilbert asked smugly, leaning arrogantly on the table with a stupid grin on his face. You both blushed.
"Be quiet, Gilbert. And sit up straight, you look terrible!" Ludwig scolded. He always seemed to act like the father in the family even though he was younger than Gilbert and Roderich.
"I was just asking!" Gil complained, still looking smug. You rolled your eyes, containing to eat your food. Eliza kept glancing over at you and Roderich, looking quite jealous. You felt quite torn. You hated to cause pain and heartbreak, as you knew what that was like. But you felt so in love with Roderich. He was all you've been waiting for.
"If you too ever get married, can I be a bridesmaid?" Lili asked you, with puppy dog eyes. You blushed even redder.
"'re not getting married, Lili" You stuttered. She frowned.
"Why not?" Nadine asked from across the table. You looked over at her, as did Roderich.
"Because we're not dating, you silly girls!" He shouted, making them smirk at each other.
"Whys that?" Nadine asked.
"Well...because..." You began.
You looked over to Eliza, who looked distraught. She caught you staring.
"I..I've got to go" She whispered, standing abruptly from the table and rushing off down the halls.
The whole table was silent, before you jumped from your seat and rushed after her. You were quick enough to see her hurrying up the stairs.
"Eliza! Wait! Eliza!" You cried, running after her. Both yours and her heels clanked against the hard staircase.
Despite Elizabeta being an amazing fighter, you were faster than her. You reached out as far as you could and grabbed onto her dress, causing her to halt.
She turned around, her face was stained in tears.
"No. _________. It's okay, I'm overreacting, I'm sorry" She choked out, fresh tears rolling down her shining cheeks.
Your stomach churned at the sight.
"You shouldn't be sorry," You insisted, "Love is...a strange thing". Eliza smiled.
"It sure is".

Sitting on the stairs with Elizabeta, her head was leant on your shoulder, while you rubbed her back.
"You two are perfect for each other. Roddy's a lover, not a fighter, like me" Eliza sniffed, holding onto your hand. You smiled a little.
"I guess so..." You whispered.
"__________?! Eliza?!" You both heard a voice shout, along with a scampering of feet. You both looked up to see Roderich, Gilbert and Ludwig standing there.
"What's going on?" Ludwig asked, glancing between the two of you.
"Why's Eliza crying?" Gilbert asking stepping forward, but to be stopped by Roderich.
Roderich looked at you, blushing a little.
"Girl problems" You whispered, looking over at Elizabeta. She smiled at you, motioning towards the Austrian.
You stood up, walking over to him. Ludwig and Gilbert took your place next to Eliza, Gilbert shoving multiple tissues in her face.
"Can I talk to you?" You asked, fiddling with your hands. He nodded, taking your soft hand in his and leading you down the stairs and outside.

"So, what's this all about, ________?" Roderich asked, looking you straight in the eye. This made you feel a little uncomfortable.
"Me and Eliza...we both...I...I love you..."
Your confession was followed by silence, which you took as rejection. Feeling your stomach churn, you turned to leave, but instead your shoulders were grabbed and you were forced to look in front of you.
Roderich looked serious, "You and Eliza both love me?".
You nodded, your head hanging down.
Roderich held your pointed chin in his hand, delicately forcing you to look at him.
" you too".
You felt a lump in your throat, which forced you to choke a little.
" do?"
He nodded, smiling a little.
"But Eliza..."
"_________, I love Eliza like a sister".
You nodded, wiping your eyes.
Roderich took his hands and gripped onto your shoulders, leaning close to you. He softly pressed his lips to yours, stroking your hair, lightly.
When he pulled away, he whispered in your ear, "I'll tell you a secret, Gilbert likes Eliza. And he can be nice when he wants". You giggled, holding on to him.

" you want to play some piano with me?"
Like most of my stories, I didn't proof read this, please inform me on any mistakes I made :3

The second of my MORE series. Sounds stupid but once I start writing more it wont seem so weird.

Others in the series:

Greece - [link]

Next is England (home countries FTW). I have everyone's More decided. :3
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I remember i was reading this super late at night and i fell asleep.
I woke up the next morning and there was a sticky note on my laptop that said "YOU LIKE ANIME GUYS LOLOLOLOL" On it, put there by my little sister...
i will never forget that
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